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Updated July 28, 2017

Working Group 802.1 has four email lists. Below are descriptions of each, and access links for subscribing and unsubscribing.

Subscribed addresses are expected to reach a person responsible. Do not subscribe the address of another list. If anything goes wrong, the administrator expects a response from the subscribed address.

The Help page has the administrator’s contact address.

Main 802.1 list

The main 802.1 list carries most discussion, including procedural or technical issues as well as announcements of meetings, new documents, and ballots.

Subscribe or leave the main list here.

802.1 ballot-response list

The ballot-response list is intended only for votes and comments during active ballots. This reduces traffic on the main list, so participants can wait for a full report rather than receiving a separate email for each individual vote.

Subscribe or leave the ballot-response list here.

802 Architecture list

The 802 Architecture list supports an Architecture group hosted by, but not a part of, 802.1. Participants include a subset of 802.1 and other 802 Working Groups, addressing issues in LAN and MAN communications architecture that cross Working Group boundaries. The list disseminates meeting agendas, presentation material, discussion items, etc.

Depending on the architectural issues that arise, this list may be inactive for extended periods.

Subscribe or leave the Architecture list here.

802.1 maintenance-request list

The maintenance-request list carries work items on existing 802.1 Standards. All requests should be prepared on a standard form, and new work items are announced online after receipt. See the 802.1 Maintenance Web page for details.

Subscribe or leave the maintenance-request list here.

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