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Re: [STDS-802-11-AANI] Follow up of 802.11 AANI SC Teleconference 20-11-17

Dear Chair and all, 

I concur with what the chair has said in the email below.

In accordance with the chair’s guidance, I have responded to Roger's email.
Paraphrasing those thoughts here:
*	Let us focus on the work that needs to be done for the January
meeting, with the full understanding that these are internal deliverables.
*	Let’s allocate time in the January meeting to debate the exact form
and depth of the submission to  the ITU-R (better to have the documents and
debate how much of it to use, than be stuck with not having the required
*	Not an iota of the work that will go in to the completion of the
template will go waste because we will need it for the ITU submission in any
case, whenever that takes place. The chair has articulated this point very
well in his email below: “Even if we decide to modify what we will be
contributing to the January ITU-R WP5D meeting, we will still need to
address all of the template sections to submit a proposal”
*	We have not participated in the ITU-R discussions so far, did not
contribute to the development of the guideline documents as a result of
which there is little to no awareness of our proposal. The quicker we make
our submission plans known and provide groups (especially reviewers and
independent evaluation groups) with information about our proposals, the
better it is for us to generate acceptance for our proposal. Based on my
earlier experience, the importance of this early sharing and socialization
cannot be overemphasized. 
*	Most importantly, in completing the templates, we will develop
confidence on which requirements we can meet and where we need more work
(gap analysis), pavng the way for concrete action items to be defined for
subsequent meetings.  

As to your request for volunteers, I volunteer for the following sections
(if others want to contribute to these sections, I will be happy to work
with them): Link Budget Template   Link Budget Template for Indoor Hotspot-eMBB   Link Budget Template for Dense Urban-eMBB2   Link Budget Template for Rural-eMBB

For the 11/27 meeting, I will be preparing a contribution. 

Thanks and Kind Regards

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From: Levy, Joseph [mailto:Joseph.Levy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Tuesday, November 21, 2017 5:08 PM
To: 'STDS-802-11-AANI@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
Cc: 'Roger Marks' <roger@xxxxxxxxxx>; 'Jon Rosdahl' <jrosdahl@xxxxxxxx>;
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'Stanley, Dorothy' <dorothy.stanley@xxxxxxx>; 'Rakesh Taori'
Subject: Follow up of 802.11 AANI SC Teleconference 20-11-17

Dear All,

As the presentation of the contribution
ation-for-imt-2020-5g-candidate-submission.pptx> – “Preparation for IMT-2020
(5G) Candidate Submission” and related discussions took up most of the time
of the teleconference, we did close several items that are necessary to
progress the work.

  1.  We did not reach agreement on what we should contribute to the 31
January ITU-R WP5D meeting
  2.  We did not get an opportunity to address the assignment of various
template sections
  3.  We did not get an opportunity to agree a schedule for this work
Hence, to progress the work towards meeting our very aggressive deadline I
believe we should attempt to reach agreement on these open items on the
reflector prior to the next 802.11 AANI SC Teleconference on 27 November @
11:00 am EST  or at least have some discussion so that we are more aware of
the issues to be addressed at the upcoming teleconference(s).  I realize
that this is a short week (in the US) and it will be difficult for some
members to contribute to email discussions prior to the next teleconference,
but I think we should try.

Roger Marks has already kicked off a reflector discussion addressing item 1
and I encourage participants to engage in the discussion.

Regarding item 2, I’m including the list of template sections for
assignment from the 20 November agenda below – please volunteer to help move
this work along by claiming a section or several sections in the table
below.  Even if we decide to modify what we will be contributing to the
January ITU-R WP5D meeting, we will still need to address all of the
template sections to submit a proposal.

Template / Self-Eval Section

AHG Lead

Due Date

Date Completed Test Environments Radio Interface Functional Aspects Channel Tracking Capabilities Physical Channel Structure and Multiplexing Mobility Management (Handover) Radio Resource Management Frame Structure Spectrum Capabilities and Duplex Technologies Support of Advanced Antenna Capabilities Link Adaption and Power Control Power Classes Scheduler, QoS Support and Management, Data Services Radio Interface Architecture and Protocol Stack Cell Selection Location Determination Mechanisms Priority Access Mechanisms Unicast, Multicast and Broadcast Privacy, Authorization, Encryption, Authentication and Legal
Intercept Schemes Frequency Planning Interference Mitigation Within Radio Interface Synchronization Requirements Link Budget Template Support for Wide Range Of Services Global Circulation of Terminals Energy Efficiency Other Items Other Information Link Budget Template for Indoor Hotspot-eMBB Link Budget Template for Dense Urban-eMBB2               Link Budget Template for Rural-eMBB               Link Budget Template for Urban Macro–mMTC               Link Budget Template for Urban Macro–URLLC Compliance Template for Services Compliance template for spectrum Compliance template for technical performance

Lastly, item 3 the Schedule: any thoughts on mile stones and when they are
due would be very helpful in organizing the work.   I’ve copied the schedule
template from the 20 November Teleconference agenda below, please feel free
to contribute mile stones and due dates so we can progress this work.  We
have already missed completing the assignment of tasks during by 11/20.


























Assign Tasks



Draft to 802.18




Approved 802.11 Draft


EC Approval prior to due date


Looking forward to your contributions to the reflector discussions and the
upcoming teleconference.  Please let me know if you have a contribution for
the 27 November teleconference.  I will be providing an agenda prior to CoB
EST Friday 24 November.

Wishing all who celebrate a happy Thanksgiving, and to those who don’t best

Joseph Levy
802.11 AANI SC Chair

From: Levy, Joseph
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'Rakesh Taori' <rakesh.taori@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:rakesh.taori@xxxxxxxxx> >
Subject: 802.11 AANI SC Teleconference 20-11-17 @11:00 EST 2nd Reminder and
Agenda update

I have updated the agenda:

Also we will need a secretary for this meeting, so please let me know if
you are willing to be the secretary.   Thanks.

Joseph Levy
802.11 AANI SC Chair

From: Levy, Joseph
Sent: Friday, November 17, 2017 5:41 PM
To: 'STDS-802-11-AANI@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
Cc: 'Roger Marks' <roger@xxxxxxxxxx<mailto:roger@xxxxxxxxxx
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<mailto:jrosdahl@xxxxxxxx<mailto:jrosdahl@xxxxxxxx> >>; 'Adrian Stephens
<mailto:adrian.p.stephens@xxxxxxxx<mailto:adrian.p.stephens@xxxxxxxx> >)'
<mailto:adrian.p.stephens@xxxxxxxx<mailto:adrian.p.stephens@xxxxxxxx> >>;
'Stanley, Dorothy' <dorothy.stanley@xxxxxxx<mailto:dorothy.stanley@xxxxxxx
<mailto:dorothy.stanley@xxxxxxx<mailto:dorothy.stanley@xxxxxxx> >>; 'Rakesh
Taori' <rakesh.taori@xxxxxxxxx<mailto:rakesh.taori@xxxxxxxxx
<mailto:rakesh.taori@xxxxxxxxx<mailto:rakesh.taori@xxxxxxxxx> >>
Subject: 802.11 AANI SC Teleconference 20-11-17 @11:00 EST Reminder and

I have received notice that there will be at least two contributions to
discuss on the Monday 20 November 2017 telecon which will be held at 11:00
am EST.

Note to be able to present at the meeting please: download the Desktop
application from here<>.

The agenda for the teleconference is available:

If you have any comments/additions to the agenda please let me know.

Bridge information is available:, further
details below.

Joseph Levy
802.11 AANI SC Chair
+631 622 4139

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When Mon, November 20, 11am – 12pm
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announced in advance by its chair on the meeting's email reflector. You can
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The following documents provide additional information on the governing
IEEE-SA policies: - Patent FAQ (http://standar​
​s/patents.pdf) - Affiliation FAQ (http://standar​
​s/affiliation.h​tml) - Anti-Trust FAQ (http://standar​
​elop/policies/a​ntitrust.pdf) In addition, the conduct of this meeting is
governed by IEEE 802.11 Operations Manual (OM), which is also linked from
ca/New_York>  copy to my

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