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Re: [STDS-802-11-AANI] Teleconference 27 November 2017 Follow up

Hi Joe, all,

The 3GPP presentation is mostly about 3GPP activities and roadmap. If we want to do something similar we may be able to reuse material from 802.11’s slide deck (see

The 3GPP presentation also provides a timeline for intermediate deliverables they plan to submit to WP 5D. As we discussed in AANI, this is not mandatory, but we’ll have to address whether we want to use the same approach at some point. I don’t believe we have enough consensus to include such a timeline at this point.

I would also propose to provide an initial mapping of 802.11 technologies to the various usage scenarios defined in IMT-2020. eMBB – Indoor Hotspot looks like a natural fit (“An indoor isolated environment at offices and/or in shopping malls based on stationary and pedestrian users with very high user density.”). eMBB – dense Urban may be something that could be mapped to 11ax (“An urban environment with high user density and traffic loads focusing on pedestrian and vehicular users.”).  eMBB – rural might be addressed with an 802.11 waveform using higher EIRP. mMTC and URLLC require some more thinking.


Does that sound like a good outline?






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As discussed in yesterday's Teleconference, I promised to resend the links to the ITU Workshop documents:


The documents and information regarding the  ITU Workshop on IMT-2020 terrestrial radio interfaces – which was held on Wednesday 4  October 2017 – can be found here:


In particular the ETSI DECT presentation:

and the 3GPP 5G presentation:, are documents we should look at to see what the level of technical input to WP5D is at this point.  Note it is likely that both these groups will have input documents for the January ITU meeting, which will expand their inputs to the IMT-2020 proposals information.


But, as discussed on the call, providing 802.11 information at the level provided at the workshop is probably a good starting point.  Please feel free to post a contribution providing an outline and/or content for a document to be submitted to ITU WP5D at their January meeting, to kick of discussion on this reflector on such a document.  We really don't have very much time to create this document, so any input and discussion we can complete before the next teleconference would be helpful.


Also please consider adding your name to some of the sections and comments to the schedule on the assignment and schedule spread sheet on Mentor (


When you provide input/additions to this documents please be sure to: update the document revision number, add your name to the authors list, and when you up load the revised document please update the author information so it is clear you uploaded the document.  Thanks.


I will monitor the changes to this document and attempt make sure the various inputs are merged into one set of tables and will provide them in the agenda  for the 4 December teleconference.


Joseph Levy

802.11 AANI SC Chairman

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