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[STDS-802-11-AANI] Submissions to ITU-R WP5D - New information

Dear All, 

Wishing you a Very Happy and Healthy New Year. Hope you had an enjoyable

I would like to share the following news with you:
- 3GPP is preparing a submission to ITU-R WP5D meeting.
- To be precise, they will be submitting (partially completed) description
templates for the Jan/Feb meeting (exactly as I had suggested that we do,
right from the start)

The documents are available here:

For your convenience, I am copy-pasting the introductory texts:

Little later , it goes on to say that such an initial submission is to
allow the independent evaluation groups to familiarize with the proposal
(pretty much the wordings that I had used to justify why we should be
submitting initial templates):

The two zip files mentioned in the excerpt, can be downloaded from

If you look at the responses in the description templates (e.g. the NR
RIT.docx), you will see the text “The information will be provided in later
update.”. For 802.11 as well, many of the sections such as access schemes,
modulation formats, PAPR, ECC, Interleaving, and many aspects of the PHY/MAC
layers can be summarized with ease. 

As I had said several times and the Chair Joe Levy had supported the
argument, we should really plan on submitting inputs to the ITU-R. I had
repeatedly said that what I was suggesting is what is documented in the
submission guidelines. I believe that it is not wise to  completely rely on
the procedures that were followed in the past. 

I therefore urge the AANI SC members to please be open to the idea of
submission to the ITU-R WP5D and be willing to contribute.

Thanks and Kind Regards

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Subject: [STDS-802-11-AANI] Follow up of the AANI SC 18 December 2017

Dear All,

As discussed during the AANI SC 18 December 2017 Teleconference, I agreed
to provide a first draft of a Skeleton document for an ITU WP5D
contribution.  I have created and uploaded the draft:

Please feel free to contribute to the development of this document. This
initial draft is simply an initial draft and I don't believe it is adequate
or complete in its current form.  Hence, contributions to this document are
necessary if the AANI SC is going to complete the work necessary to have a
document that the 802.11 WG, 802.19, and the 802 EC will approve.  

Minutes for the 18 December Teleconference have been posed:
l-minutes-12-18-2017.docx.  Thank you Sigurd. 

The next AANI Teleconference is 8 January 2018, I will be sending out a
reminder and providing the agenda for the meeting on 5 January, please let
me know if you will have a contribution for the teleconference as soon as

This work will not be completed without contributions. 

Wishing you all a festive and relaxing holiday season. 

Joseph Levy
802.11 AANI SC Chair