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[STDS-802-11-ARC] ARC agenda uploaded

--- This message came from the IEEE 802.11 ARC Reflector ---



I’ve uploaded a proposed agenda for the ARC meetings in Chicago (11-18/0310r1).  A few items of note (beyond the usual activities in ARC):

  • I am trying to coordinate a meeting when Scott Mansfield can join us. Scott has been very active in the YANG work in 802.1, and can give us some background and pointers on how to get started with our YANG/NETCONF analysis.
  • TGax has received a couple comments on the updates we suggested to subclause 10.2 and Figure 10-1, in September.  We’ve been asked to review the comments and proposed resolutions.
  • REVmd uncovered what is potentially another messy area, around the reliance on MLME-RESET, MLME-START and MLME-JOIN as points for various type of state initialization.  We’ll review if we believe some consistency to be brought to this topic.
  • I’ve heard that TGba may be at a point where we can start to dig into the architecture implications of a “split”/“multi” PHY STA.  This is tentative, but I look forward to perhaps getting started on this in earnest, finally.


In addition, we’ll continue the usual topics:

  • Updates on IEEE 1588, 802/802.1, and IETF activities related to 802.11
  • “What is an ESS?” (which is now expanding into “And what is an HESS, and how are they related?”)
  • AP/DS/Portal architecture concepts.


Thanks, and see you in Chicago (safe travel!)



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