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Re: [STDS-802-11-ARC] Continued ARC 802.11ba Nomenclature discussion

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Thanks (very much!) to Joe; he has provided an excellent set of references to the latest work by TGba on their architecture topic (reproduced just below, FYI, and also contained in the document he posted).


I have updated my document with suggestions for specific changes to the 11ba draft, to reflect the work TGba as already done (largely in the direction suggested, which is really good news): 


Joe has also done an excellent job of analyzing potential questions that arise or remain from where the latest changes leave our discussion with them about their architecture.


As promised (threatened 😊) we will pick up this topic in AM1 tomorrow (Wednesday).  I suggest we review both documents (0081 and 0173), and use those as a basis for further feedback to and/or discussion with the TGba experts.


These are the references to the updated TGba documents, that reflect their recent architecture changes, for our reference during that discussion:

1.	11-19/0021r2 <>  - CR clause 4 - Minyoung Park (Intel Corp.)
2.	11-19/0053r2 <>  - PHY CR for Clause 32 - Minyoung (Intel Corporation)
3.	11-19/0029r1 <>  - Comment Resolution for Miscellaneous Topic Part II - Po-Kai Huang (Intel)  
4.	(also related: 11-19/0022r0 <>  - CR clause 6 - Minyoung Park (Intel Corp.) )


Thanks, Joe!  And, talk to you all in the morning.




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