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[STDS-802-11-TGAQ] Call for Initial Proposals

Dear all,
            following the interesting debate during the 22nd April teleconference, I would now like to issue a call for initial proposals for the IEEE 802.11 May face to face meeting.

Areas of specific interest are:
  Broadcast v Multicast of Public Action Frames
  Current behaviour of UDP discovery protocols
  AP advertisements
  Registration of advertising STAs within an AP
  Beahviour of APs with no associated STAs
  Creation of a bi-direction PAD protocol.
  Tunnelling of a PAD protocol
  Flooding and Denial of Service attacks

Either full or partial proposals are welcome, in either Powerpoint or MSWord format.

The minutes for the 22nd April teleconference are now availble at:
<> and thanks to Sue for producing them.

Kind regards


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