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[STDS-802-11-TGAQ] the revised (r2) comment spreadsheet of the 7th Recirc SB on 11aq D14.0 is on the server

Dear all,

I have uploaded the revised (r2) TGaq SB7 comment spreadsheet to the server:


The update was produced after Tuesday AM1 session, reflecting:

·        the discussions on Monday AM2 and Tuesday AM1 sessions;

·        re-assignment of CID 13008 to GEN ad-hoc under "MAC privacy" comment group;

·        renaming of comment group "MAC privacy" to "2018-01-17-AM1", however, didn't generate a separate Tab for this comment group as it would be redundant with Tab "All SB7 Comments".


All comments in Tab “All SB7 Comments” are ready for motion. Please review them. The plan is to motion to approve them tomorrow.


Thank you.

Yunsong Yang

Huawei Device USA Inc.

10180 Telesis Court, STE 165

San Diego, CA 92121

Phone: +1-858-754-3638


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