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[STDS-802-11-TGAY] Australia's consultation on WiGig

Hi Jay and 802.18 members,
cc. 802.11ay,

Australia ACMA has released a consultation asking public for comments on the

[1] updating and expending existing 60 GHz arrangements (57-66 GHz) for data
communication systems, including 5G. Specifically:
(a) adding 66-71 GHz frequency band
(b) updating existing arrangements in 57-66 GHz band regarding indoor and
outdoor data communications systems.
[2] adding new arrangements for "All transmitters" in the 57-64 GHz band.
[3] revising arrangements for underground transmitters in certain bands
supporting fixed and mobile services between 70-520 MHz.
[4] adding support for higher power radiodetermination transmitters i.e. radars
operating in the 76-77 GHz frequency band
[5] adding support for ground and wall penetration radar as adjunct to current
apparatus licence arrangements (30-12400 MHz)
[6] aligning existing arrangements for ultra-wideband devices with US and
European arrangements for generic (indoor and hand-held) devices (3100-3400 MHz
 and 8500-9000 MHz) and aircraft applications (6000-8500 MHz).

The submission deadline for this consultation is February 22, 2019.
For details, please visit

Please see if 802.18 will prepare a submission to ACMA.

Thanks and Regards,


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