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stds-802-16-mac: the top of the 802.16 reference model

I am trying to figure out some things about Fig. 1 in the TG1 draft.

(1) Why is "Other Upper Layers" shown to be part of the Data Link 
Layer? This makes no sense.

(2) If we make "Other Upper Layers" horizontal and lay it above LLC, 
then we have a more normal 802 diagram. On the other hand, we will be 
saying that our MAC talks upper layers only through LLC. On the other 
hand, Figure 2 suggests that our MAC talks to upper layers directly, 
not through LLC. That agrees with Clause 5 (e.g, "The ATM Convergence 
Sublayer (CS)... accepts ATM cells from the ATM layer"). So, what is 
the role of LLC in 802.16?