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stds-802-16-tg4: new focused 802.16 Task Group reflectors

In order to provide a forum for more detailed and focused on-line 
discussions, I have set up five new email reflectors associated with 
specific 802.16 activities:

stds-802-16-tg1@ieee.org	802.16 Task Group 1
stds-802-16-tg2@ieee.org	802.16 Task Group 2
stds-802-16-tg3@ieee.org	802.16 Task Group 3
stds-802-16-tg4@ieee.org	802.16 Task Group 4
stds-802-16-mac@ieee.org	802.16 MAC

stds-802-16@ieee.org remains as the 802.16 reflector for general WG interest.

You must manage your own subscriptions. To subscribe, send email to 
<mailto:majordomo@majordomo.ieee.org> in which the message body is 
one or more of the following lines:

subscribe stds-802-16-tg1
subscribe stds-802-16-tg2
subscribe stds-802-16-tg3
subscribe stds-802-16-tg4
subscribe stds-802-16-mac
subscribe stds-802-16

This will subscribe the email address from which the message is sent.

To unsubscribe, use "unsubscribe" instead of "subscribe".

All posted messages are archived and available to the public. The URLs are:


If you click any of the URLs above, you will see that the first 
message in each archive includes a description of the reflector topic 
and the rules of use.

Please try to minimize multiple posting. Many people will be 
subscribed to several lists, and they don't want multiple copies of 
messages, so please target your note appropriately. There may be 
instances in which posting to two lists is necessary (for instance, 
to the MAC list and to one of the TG lists), but please use your 
judgement. {This note is cross-posted to the new lists so it will get 
into all of the archives, but there are currently no subscribers to 

These reflectors replace the mailing lists I'd earlier set up on 
eGroups. I am sorry for the false start with eGroups, but this is a 
change for the better. I am confident that it is a stable solution. 
The eGroups site continues to be the best way we have to upload 
temporary files, so I will keep them open for that purpose only. I'll 
keep looking for an even better solution to this problem (eGroups 
offers limited storage and does not allow subdirectories).