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Re: stds-802-16-tg3: Traffic Model Contribution

[Message of 2 March:]

Title: Traffic Model for 802.16 TG3 MAC/PHY Simulations
Document Number: IEEE 802.16.3c-01/30r1
URL: <http://ieee802.org/16/tg3/contrib/802163c-01_30r1.pdf>
Source: C.R. Baugh <mailto:crbaugh@crbaugh.com>
         for TG3 Traffic Modeling Ad Hoc Committee

At 11:16 AM -0800 01/03/07, C. R. Baugh wrote:
>     The traffic model contribution has been forwarded to Roger Marks 
>for posting on the TG3 contribution site.  It is contribution 30r1.