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stds-802-16-mac: Petition for Additional Unlicensed Spectrum at 5 GHz

This message is addressed to companies with an interest in the use of 
the license-exempt UNII band spectrum for their equipment and 
applications. You need to be aware that WECA [Wireless Ethernet 
Compatibility Alliance] has filed a petition to allocate the 
5.470-5.725 GHz band for use by RLAN and "other unlicensed service 

Companies building BWA equipment for, or offering services in, the 
UNII band outdoors, i.e. fixed broadband wireless access equipment 
and services, also want to be able to use the 5.470-5.725 GHz band in 
the USA.

The Wireless Communications Association <> will be 
offering comments to the FCC on the above petition by WECA. If you 
are interested in offering comments on this petition, you should 
participate in the WCAI conference calls discussing the response of 
our industry.

Look at the WCAI website at:
for more information on this petition, and other issues being 
discussed by the WCAI. David Chauncey of Clearwire leads the License 
Exempt Committee, and should be contacted if you have an interest in 
getting your voice heard on this matter. He can be reached at 

If you want an actual copy of the petition, let me know and
I will send you one. [attachments are not permitted in this message.]

Here is part of the message that I sent to David Chauncey
on this topic:
         David, there are three things that we need to emphasize

         in our discussions with WECA and FCC on WECA's

         petition to the FCC in making their request to allocate

         the 5.470 - 5.725 GHz band for RLAN and "other unlicensed

         service devices" in the USA.

         1. The power limits should be 1 W, the same as they

             are for this spectrum in Europe. [NOT 250 mW]

         2. This band must be usable by outdoor wireless

             devices as well as indoor wireless devices.

         3. Fixed wireless/nomadic devices also need to be

             able to use this frequency band.

       One of WECA's objectives is harmonization of the use of this

       frequency band in all world markets. We are for that too, but

       it must include the use of this band by fixed wireless devices.

If you are interested in the use of the 5.47-5.725 GHz band for
fixed/nomadic applications, you need to get involved in this discussion.
The use of this spectrum for fixed broadband wireless applications
in the USA is at stake. Thanks.


Dr. Heinz Lycklama
Chief Systems Architect
Vectrad Networks
Ph:  425-354-1402
Cell: 425-501-5075