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stds-802-16-tg3: Letters to the FCC for more UNII Bandwidth

Hi All:
At the beginning of April the ITU-R 8a/9b will be discussing the issue of a 
globally harmonized 5 GHz band for licence-exempt applications. The FCC and 
NTIA will be represented at these meetings. The NTIA and US DoD oppose the 
expansion of the UNII bands into 5470-5725 MHz, and harmonization in this 
band in general. If you expect the FCC to support the extension of the UNII 
band it is important that you or representatives from your company write 
the FCC expressing the wish for more  bandwidth. In the US write a letter 
of support to  Paul Marrangoni at the Federal Communications Commission, 
445 12th Street, S.W.  Washington, DC 20554. His email is

Broad band applications need bandwidth. Currently there is only 200 MHz of 
Unlicensed bandwidth available for outdoor use. More bandwidth will make 
your UNII systems operate more effectively with less interference and 
better reliability. Write the FCC and make an impact.

Paul welcomes the input and he'll need it to support any extension of the 
UNII band. Even if your company is not resident in the US, but does 
business there, your letters will be welcomed.

John Sydor
Research Broad Band Wireless
Communications Research Centre
3701 Carling Avenue
Ottawa, Canada
K2H 8S2
Ph. 613-998-2388