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stds-802-16-tg3: quick questions for open technical discussion to Frequency Diversityon STC in BWA system.


Hi all.

This is Panyuh Joo from Samsung Electronics KOREA.

I have some technically open question to ask all of you who may be interested in.

Please any one expert in Physical layer make creative comments on this email.

I have sumbitted frequency diversity (of  Space Time code) related issue in last Nov.2001 Texas Austin and Jan.2002 levi meeting.

I that duration cause there are some problem of lack of time for presentation my work.

Also maybe our work related to STC is not an issue of BWA.

But samsung have shown there is some performance gain When we use frequency diversity in OFDM STC.

But most of PHY layer guys in 802.16 do not agree on this scheme.

This is my understanding regarding to Frequency diversity issue of Samsung in 802.16.

The difficulties are.
1. frequency diversity effects may be reduced by coding and/or interleaving gain.

2. simulation results are not using SUI channel

but regarding to 2nd question. I have a resonable answer in Jan Levi meeting.

There is no performance difference in SUI channel model and generalized fading channel model.

The only problem still pending is 1st one : the coding/interleaving/freq.diversity gain related issue.

Do anybody expertized on PHY layer of  802.16 have concern on this issue please make your comment on this email.

I hope there is an chance to make frequency diversity on STC-OFDM  as an discussion item in this May meeting in Calgary.

Wish you can enforce me to figure out further problem of questions regarding to Samsung's Issues(may not limited to Freq. diversity in STC-OFDM) on BWA solution.

Thansks for listening..

Take care.

Best Regards

Panyuh Joo