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stds-802-16-tg3: Task Group d: startup and Call for Contributions

Here is the followup to the 11 December approval of PAR 802.16d:

*The development of the draft is assigned to a new Task Group d 
(TGd). Gordon Antonello <> is the Chair.

*TGd has a web page <>. As mentioned there, 
TGd-specific discussions will make use of the old TGa (and before 
that, TG3) email reflector <stds-802-16-tg3>. [It's kind of hard to 
rename the reflector.]

*TGd has an Upload Directory <>.

*TGd has a development schedule 
<> designed to hit the targets 
specified in the PAR.

*TGd is today issuing a Call for Contributions:

This solicits input on the two main topics of the PAR

(1) Content of Chapter 12 of the air interface specification 
regarding 2-11 GHz system profiles.
(2) Errata in IEEE 802.16a or 802.16c, or those in 802.16 not 
corrected in 802.16a or 802.16c.

The deadline is 10 January 2003 (the Friday before Session #23).



Dr. Roger B. Marks  <>
Chair, IEEE 802.16 WG on Broadband Wireless Access <>
National Institute of Standards and Technology/Boulder, CO, USA
tel: +1 303 497 3037   fax: +1 509 756 2642