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stds-802-16-tg3: Information about Burst Profile

Hi at all,
I'm a graduate student, I'm wonking on the 802.16 mac with its amendment 
802.16a, 802.16d and 802.16e for the implementation of it into NS2 (Network 
Studying the burst profile, I have found some lacks of understanding, and 
so I hope someone help me about them:

1) Have all the connections in the downlink (or uplink) for a SS the same 
burst profile?

2) Have all three management connections the same burst profile ? Or, has 
each of them its own fixed burst profile, and what are these three burst 
profiles ?

3) With reference to the figure 57 of 802.16 standard (or 78 in 
802.16-Revd/D3 ), about the transition to a more robust burst profile, why 
does SS continue monitoring DL data through old DIUC, while BS sends data 
with new DIUC ? Does SS be able to receive data with new DIUC ? If yes, 
Does it provide for some buffers to store data received with different 
burst profile ?

Excuse me for the much questions.
Thanks in advance.

Andrea Losacco
Network - Reserch Lab - University of Lecce