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[STDS-802-16] TGe contributions filed

I have filed the TGe contributions:

There are indeed a lot: 122 so far.

Some notes:

*This time, I have filed only the most recent revision.

*There were a number of duplicate numbers. The server doesn't allow
duplicate file names, but too many people still ignore the file and
document numbering rules, so we can end up with collisions. In these
cases, I have sometimes needed to renumber documents to the top of
the stack. Some document numbers are therefore a long way from the
one they were submitted with. This may cause problems in interpreting
comments. It looks like I will need to become a lot more strict about
the contribution process; perhaps I'll simply reject documents that
don't follow the process.

*As Brian said earlier, we are not accepting multiple rounds of
document revisions in Recirc #14b. You are entitled to make a SINGLE
revision of your contribution, taking reply comments into account,
between July 2 and July 7. Additional revisions will NOT be accepted.