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[RPRWG] May Interim Meeting


a bit of an update on the May Interim meeting.

I was up until 1:15am on Thursday night (after the SEC meeting) working
out some details on the May Interim Meeting. 

The $250 is not cast in stone, although it is likely to go up
rather than down. I pointed out that this would be the most 
expensive interim we would have ever had. But we also never
had to accommodate so many people for so long. 

If there is someone whose company is interested in sponsoring
the September Interim I would like to hear from them. I believe 
we would need a location that could seat 125-150 people, and allow us to 
break out into 4 groups. I would guess that we will need at least
4 days. The cost to the company should be low, rental of AV (screens
and mikes, hopefully the company can provide a few projectors).
That normally costs less than sending a few people to an interim 
elsewhere. Ideally, they would be willing to sponsor some refreshment,
but that is not necessary.

The assumption is that we will meet 4.5 days, and that we will
be getting lunch all 5 days. The remainder of the costs 
are for the breakfasts, and snacks. The meeting rooms are 
free since we are booking so many rooms.

.11 and .15 traditionally have a social event one night and 
they want to increase the cost of the meeting to cover 
the event. If people have strong feelings about the social 
please email me directly and do not waste reflector BW on
the issue.

I urge everyone to pre-register for the meeting. This registration 
should open up soon. Hotel reservations are required by early april.
I will post more information on our web-page shortly.

One last issue is the question of wireless LAN. How many people in 
our group have the .11 PCMCIA cards and want to connect to the LAN?
How many think they can get their companies to buy one for them?
How much a meeting are you willing to pay for LAN access? Email
me and not the reflector please.