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Re: [RPRWG] MAC Question


I guess the answer is that the group is still debating this issue. Some
vendors prefer to have a largish transit buffer where transit frames
are stored. Others are proposing "cut through"  transit functionality.

I personally feel that latency will be larger in the first approach.

On another note I do not believe that the similarity with 802.5 is
on the lines of claiming a token etc. etc. The MAC mechanism
is going to be different.

Hope this helps.

Ajay Sahai

Ray Zeisz wrote:

> I am following the .17 group from afar, but I have a question:
> Is it acceptable for each node in the ring to buffer up an entire packet
> before forwarding it to its neighbor?  Would the latency be to great if this
> were done?  Or is the .17 direction more along the lines of 802.5 where only
> a few bits in each ring node are buffered...just enough to detect a token
> and set a bit to claim it.
> Ray
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