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[RPRWG] [Fwd: [802SEC] 802 Registration was Broken over the weekend and this morning but NOW ... We're Back !!!]

For everyone who was refused this weekend, here is 
some information. Please try again now and report
problems to me.



"Rigsbee, Everett O" wrote:
> Due to circumstances beyond our control, our Web Registration began refusing all transactions
> sometime Friday night and this condition persisted until 2:15 PM PDT today.  The problem
> has finally been corrected and transactions are now approving normally again.  If you were a
> victim of this error, it is now safe to try again !!!
> And please accept our apologies for this SNAFU !!!
> PLEASE - Be advised that the problems we are experiencing have NOTHING to do with
> Credit Card billing addresses.  Despite the implication on the generic "Transaction Declined"
> message, NO, I repeat, NO transactions have been declined for billing address mismatch !!!
> We REALLY need for you to enter your correct Business mail address on the form.  Trying
> different variants of your address will NOT help !!!   :-)
> WARNING !!!   Some additional important Information for Web Registration Users:
> *       Javascript must be enabled on your browser to get information to post properly.
> *       All Credit Card numbers must be entered with NO embedded spaces or dashes,
>                 e.g.  NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN  for VISA, M/C, or Discover, and
>                         NNNNNNNNNNNNNNN     for AMEX
>         or you receive the generic "Transaction Declined" message which provides no guidance
>         on the reason for failure !!!  This is especially a problem for AMEX card users, since the
>         the number with spaces or dashes will fit in the field (not true for the other cards) but
>         the transaction is always declined for invalid account number.
> I have requested that VeriSign fix this problem by removing the spaces or dashes before they
> test the account number, or at least provide a caption on their form, which collects the CC info,
> to warn of this requirement, and they have indicated that they will look into it, but that may take
> some time. So for now you just have to remember:  NO DASHES or SPACES for CC#'s, only digits.
> We do recognize that the generic "Transaction Declined" message is confusing because it indicates
> several possibilities, which may or may not apply.  Please be assured that our system does not
> attempt to verify addresses or ZIP codes with the ones which the credit card company has on file.
> That is NOT the reason your transaction was declined !!!
> *       NO  Ampersand's (i.e. "&") Are Allowed !!!  I have learned that VeriSign chose to use
>         the "&" character as their field delimiter, so they will not permit an "&" to appear in any
>         entered field. Suggested work-around is to use the word "and" instead.  (I know, I know;
>         this would be simple to fix with an escape sequence or quoting convention, but they
>         seem unwilling to consider doing that at present.
> Some Additional User Tips:
> *       International Phone Numbers:  the VeriSign field checker does not allow a "+" (i.e. Plus
>         Sign) in front of the Country Code, even though it IS the most common convention.  They
>         are apparently working on a fix for this, but suggest that in the meantime that you may
>         use a "-" (i.e. a Minus Sign/Hyphen) instead.
> *       The "State" field has now been made optional to alleviate difficulties for some of our
>         International attendees whose countries don't have states.  If we restore the mandatory
>         requirement in the future, we will include the instruction to enter "NA" if the field is "not
>         applicable for your country".
> *       There is no provision for a "Credit Card On-File" any more.  Keeping credit card info
>         on file is too much of a potential liability.  We only resorted to that option because we
>         did not have a secure method for processing payments.  Now that we have a secure
>         (encrypted) payment mechanism we will no longer store credit card information.
> *       The processing for your charge is now IMMEDIATE (within 24 hours of approval).
> We're very sorry about the start-up problems but we hope to continue improving as we
> gain more experience.  Please bear with us, and if you experience or spot a problem,
> please let us know ASAP.  Thank-you again for your patience and cooperation.  :-)
> Thanx,  Buzz
> Dr. Everett O. (Buzz) Rigsbee
> Boeing - SSG
> PO Box 3707, M/S: 7M-FM
> Seattle, WA  98324-2207
> (425) 865-2443    Fx: (425) 865-6721
> everett.o.rigsbee@xxxxxxxxxx