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[RPRWG] Fwd: [802SEC] Call For SASB and Standing Committee Candidates

Would you like to be on the 2008 IEEE-SA Standards Board or one of its
standing committees?

-------- Original Message --------

Dear EC Members,

Please consider applying for a SASB or SASB Standing Committee position per the below message.  

Please also forward this to your members requesting their participation as well.


--Paul Nikolich


   The Nominations and Appointments Committee (N&A) of the IEEE-SA Board of
   Governors is soliciting the names of candidates to serve on the 2008
   IEEE-SA Standards Board and its Standing Committees.

   The IEEE-SA Standards Board is responsible for:

   a) Encouraging and coordinating the development of IEEE standards.
   b) Reviewing all proposed IEEE standards to determine whether the
   proposed standards conform to the requirements established by the
   IEEE-SA Standards
   Board and whether consensus has been achieved for approval of the
   approved standards.

   If you would like to be considered for the 2008 IEEE-SA Standards Board
   or one of its standing committees, please note the following rules that
   apply to any potential candidate, and forward a brief, one page bio and
   contact information to me at the address provided.


   The slate of candidates will be forwarded to the IEEE-SA Board of
   Governors Nominations and Appointments Committee for their review by
   October 2006, with a final decision to be made at their December 2006

   Rules for IEEE-SA Standards Board membership:

   1.  The time commitment is four meetings in 2008:

   27 March - Piscataway, NJ
   12 June - Piscataway, NJ
   18 September - Piscataway, NJ
   10 December - TBD, Florida
   7 December - IEEE-SA Awards Ceremony, Florida - not mandatory

   Currently, all meeting venues are stated above.  However, there is the
   possibility of one meeting, in either June or September, to be held
   outside the northeast.

   1.  If appointed to the Standards Board, you will also be requested to
   serve on one of the Board's standing committees.
   This would incur another day of meetings prior to the Standards Board
   meeting.  If appointed to a standing committee only,
   attendance at the Standards Board meeting is not mandatory, but is
   definitely encouraged.  Attendance is expected at all meetings.

   2.  This is a non-funded position.  Members are expected to fund their
   own travel.

   3.  Members must have an email address, web access, and a laptop
   computer to bring to the meeting.  Our meetings use wireless technology.

   4. Potential candidates for the IEEE-SA Standards Board and Committees
   are encouraged to attend one or two meetings during 2007.  For
   information on these meetings, please contact Rona Gertz at

   The IEEE-SA Standards Board Position Description can be found at the
   following website:

   Review the Position Description in light of the basic functions,
   specific responsibilities, and accountabilities that this position

   Please do not hesitate to contact if you have any

   We look forward to your participation in 2008.

   Best regards,
   2007 IEEE-SA Nominations and Appointments Committee
Rona I. Gertz
Manager, IEEE-SA Governance
IEEE Standards Activities
+1 732 562 3808 (phone); +1 732 562 1571 (fax)
IEEE Standards web site:    

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