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[RPRWG] Fw: Reflector and activities for ECSG on TV Whitespace

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The reflector for the IEEE802 Executive Committee Study Group (ECSG) on
TV Whitespace is now active.  This reflector has been set up so that we
don't overburden the EC reflector with traffic for that group.  I ask
IEEE802 Working Group Chairs to forward this information to their
working groups so that they are aware that this reflector now exists and
can participate in the ECSG if desired.  I will forward this notice to
others outside of IEEE802 I know are interested.  Please feel free to do
the same.

I plan to conduct most of the planning activities for the ECSG on TV
Whitespace via this reflector.

To subscribe to the Whitespace reflector please go to:

The process is pretty intuitive, but if you need assistance, please go

As previously announced, a series of teleconferences is planned (every 2
weeks) starting on December 2nd at 1 PM EST.

The call in for the teleconference on Dec 2nd is:

Toll Free Dial In Number:                 (866)205-4008 
Int'l Access/Caller Paid Dial In Number:  (801)886-8167 
ACCESS CODE:                              6336344 
Security Code:                            802 

No webex is currently planned for the first meeting (but may be added).
Future meetings may use a different call-in / webex, but this will be
announced on the reflector.

Currently planned agenda:
    Review / Approve Agenda 
    Review IEEE patent policy
    Review purpose of ECSG and teleconferences
    Discuss how best to address tasks assigned to the ECSG:
    Assess the impact of the FCC White Space R&O on IEEE 802 activities
        Identify Use Cases of TV White Space Spectrum
        Identify what functions may be common across 802 technologies
        Begin technical discussion on how to enable coexistence between various
        802 technologies in the shared TV white space spectrum
        Prepare a Tutorial for March Plenary
    Make recommendations to 802 EC by March 2009 on next steps

If this agenda is not completed, it will be continued the following
teleconference.  I'm not expecting to accept contributions for the ECSG
until the second teleconference.  A shared area for posting of
contributions is being prepared and will be available shortly.

Please let me know if you have any comments / questions concerning this

Best Regards,

Matthew Sherman 
Chair, IEEE 802 ECSG on TV Whitespace 
1st Vice Cahir, IEEE 802 
Office: +1 973.633.6344 
Cell: +1 973.229.9520 
Fax:    +1 973.633.6004 
email:  matthew.sherman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx