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RE: stds-80220-ch-models: Traffic modeling sub-group: Call for interestedparties

Hello all,

I am interested in assisting with the modeling effort. I have been involved
with 3gpp2 (1xEV-DV, ...) standards and am particularly interested in .20
with regard to very low-latency bursty (periodic or otherwise)
high-mobility application models that would exercise the evaluated access
methods/state machines. These traffic types are characteristic of typical
envisioned ITS applications for example and I believe that ISO TC204 WG16
(wide area communications/protocols & interfaces) requirements/models may
be of interest.


Jason Hunzinger
DENSO International America, Inc.
LA Laboratories

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> Subject: stds-80220-ch-models: Traffic modeling sub-group: Call for
> interested parties
> Greetings,
> To start off the discussion on traffic models,
> let me ask for interested parties to please
> send a short message to me (
> or to this std-80220-ch-models e-mail reflector
> (you will need to first subscribe by going to ..
> There is also an e-mail archive on the above
> site. The first message in the e-mail archive
> from Mark Klerer titled "Archive Setup and
> Contribution Allocation" identifies the
> contributions to date that have some relevant content
> on traffic models. Our discussions will take
> that into account. So please take a look.
> I would also like people to point out other
> relevant documents e.g. 3G standards, 802 standards,
> papers addressing the topic of standard traffic models.
> I believe that there is little work in the
> area of standard traffic models compared to, say,
> standard channel models. It would be good to
> find all the existing prior work.
> I believe that the objective of this
> subgroup is to produce a traffic model document
> which specifies statistical models for
> different user traffic types
> (e.g. Web, FTP, email, VoIP etc.) that are
> relevant to mobile broadband wireless systems.
> These models will typically be used in
> computer simulations.
> - N. K. Shankar
>   Editor, 802.20 Traffic Model Subgroup
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