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stds-80220-coexistence: CCG's next call is cancelled + schedule of work for future calls

We have not had any input on the draft CCG recommendation document yet. Therefore, I would like to cancel our next conference call which was supposed to happen on Monday 10/30/03. This way we lose one call but hopefully people will have enough time to make contributions to the draft document in time for the next scheduled call on 10/31/03.
Please share your inputs with others on the reflector by Friday 10/24/03 (that's one week before the next scheduled call on 10/31/03), so that others will have enough time to review your input. I will issue a Rev1 of the document on 10/24/03 based on the comments received by then. This version will be discussed on the 10/31/03 call. Coming out of that call, I would like to see those sections of the draft that has had no objection expressed be adopted as consensus.
Comments received between 10/24/03 and 10/31/03 (I am allowing a couple of days more here), will be compiled in Rev2 which will be sent out by 11/1/03. We will discuss this document on our 11/5/03 conference call.