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RE: stds-80220-eval-criteria: ECCG conference call,Tuesday February 24, 12-2pm EST

As per Farooq's request, the outcomes of discussions on the link budget
contribution are summarized as follows. 

During the evaluation conference call discussions, the following issues have
been identified for additional information:

1) Antenna gain for BS and MS
2) Receiver noise figure at BS and MS
3) Max Transmitter power at the basestation (BS) and mobile station (MS)

The question of whether the link budget template is used to ensure the same
assumptions are applied to the simulations or, as one of the evaluation
criteria was discussed. As Farooq has concluded at the end of the call, the
maximum range may be used as a performance metric for comparison of the
proposals, provided the maximum transmitter power are the same for the
different proposals.

The following information has been found after the conference call:

For antenna gain, the 802.20 channel modeling document specifies BS antenna
gain: 14 dBi for 3- sector cells, 17 dBi for 6-sector cells, as specified by
3GPP. For MS antenna, the antenna gain is -1 dBi. 

In the 1xEV-DV evluation methodology document, the values used are:
1) Antenna gains: 17 dBi for 3-sector BS, -1 dBi for MS
2) Receiver noise figures: 5 dB for BS, 10 dB for MS
3) Max transmitter (PA) power: 20 W (43 dBm) for BS, 200 mW (23 dBm) for MS

The assumption for cable loss is 0 dB.

In the HSDPA report [3GPP TR25.848 V4.0], the following parameter values for
the forward link are found:

1) Antenna gains: 14 dBi, 3 sectors; 0 dBi for MS
2) Receiver noise figure: 9 dB (MS) 
3) Max transmitter power: 44 dBm at BS

While the antenna gains should be the same for vehicular, pedestrian and
indoor users, I think we may need to include penetration losses in some

Please post your comments and suggestions to the reflector for further

Best regards,

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February 24, 12-2pm EST

Hi Farooq,

Please find attached a contribution for the evaluation criteria document -
link budget template. 

Sorry for the late contribution.

Best regards,

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Subject: stds-80220-eval-criteria: ECCG conference call, Tuesday February
24, 12-2pm EST

Tuesday  February 24, 12-2pm EST
Bridge Number: +1-800-450-3848 or 630-979-6500
Conference Code: 180220

- Phased Approach to Evaluation Criteria

Please let me know if you want to add any other items to the agenda.