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[802-20-EVAL-CRITERIA] 802.20 ECCG conference call, Tuesday, June 01, 2004, 6-8pm EST

Tuesday, June 01, 2004, 6-8pm EST

Bridge Number: +1-800-450-3848 or 630-979-6500
Conference Code: 180220

1- Values for key RF performance characteristics:
        a) Transmitter power
        b) Transmitter Emission mask
        c) Adjacent Channel (power) Leakage Ratio
        d) Receiver Sensitivity
        e) Receiver Selectivity
        f) Receiver Blocking

2- Methodology to include effects of adjacent channel interference in the evaluation of multiple carriers within the same frequency block assignment

Please see 2 contributions from IEEE 802.20 Session 8 for any background information:
C802.20-04/51r2 by Dan Gal
C802.20-04/58 by Anna Tee and Joseph Cleveland