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Re: [802-20-REQUIREMENTS] [802-20-GENERAL] SRD ver13 Reply Comment Cycle announcement



Couple of the members had problems to “Mark” records while creating reply comment files. If the “Comment List” layout does not work, please go to the “Reply Comment View layout” on the top left corner of the database file and you will be able to mark the records.





From: owner-stds-802-mobility@LISTSERV.IEEE.ORG
Sent: Monday, June 14, 2004 1:22 PM
Subject: [802-20-GENERAL] SRD ver13 Reply Comment Cycle announcement
Importance: High


Dear All,


Thank you all for the responses to the comment cycle #2. A total of 289 comment records were received and the integrated comment database for SRD v13 has been posted by Gang in the Drop box section of the 802.20 website.


The comments in the database have been sorted based on the “Section” column. This is to simplify reference to the SRD while going through the comments.


We begin from today the Comment Cycle #3 (which is reply comments for Comment Cycle #2).  Listed below is a set of instructions to assist the group to file their reply comments and submit to myself at by End of Day June 28th, 2004 (2 weeks from today).  Please read the attached document that shows how to “Propose resolutions to comments by others”, with clear pictures indicating the steps involved.


Following is the text only version for quickly checking if the steps were followed, for those already familiar with the process:


  1. Proposed resolutions to comments should NOT be made against comments that the member has submitted himself or herself.
  2. Please use the “Comment List” View in the SRD to make sure that you check the “Marked” box at the top of the window. If you forget to “Mark” the record, your Reply comment will NOT be included in the REPLY Comment Database. Hence make sure that you mark the record you are posting your reply comments to. This will also help in sorting the database to see what all comments you have posted your reply comments to.
  3. Fill in your recommendation (Accepted/Rejected…, etc) in the “Recommendation” box, and appropriately enter your “Proposed Resolution” and “Reason for Recommendation” in the respective boxes.
  4. Please save the reply comment file as “SRD_VER13_PROP_Date_Lastname_Firstname” and email the file to editor before June 28th, 2004.


Thank you for your effort,


Best regards,


Rashmi BAJAJ

IEEE 802.20 – SRD Editor