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Process to move forward with draft proposal in IEEE 802.11u & IEEE 802.21

Dear all,
	In order to move forward on the relationship between IEEE
and IEEE 802.21, I thought I'd try and capture the agreed way forward,
that we discussed last week in the joint IEEE 802.11u/IEEE 802.21

I must also apologise to any of you that I misled, upset, annoyed etc.
There are some very polarised views between our two projects and I am
trying very hard to bridge the gap.

If any of this is incorrect, it should at least start a nice debate.

Kind regards



Initially, IEEE 802.11u accepted (unanimously !!) an extra requirement 
R8H1 in its requirement document (11-05-0822r8):

"Provide a mechanism to support Media Independent Handoff capability."

"Informative Note: This is a single requirement enabling IEEE 802.11u to

support Media Independent Handoff (IEEE 802.21 Project) requirements
are in scope for IEEE 802.11u.  The objectives of the IEEE 802.21
are described in the requirements document 

Way Forward 1

IEEE 802.21 submits its current draft proposal to IEEE 802.11, by
kindly requesting IEEE 802.11 to adopt those parts of that proposal that
are in scope of the IEEE 802.11 project.

Way Forward 2

IEEE 802.21 members produce proposals within IEEE 802.11u to address the
requirement R8H1 (11-05-0822r8).  Following the recent TGu "Call for
these will be formally presented at the March 2006 meeting, with initial
presentations encouraged at the January 2006 meeting.

Of course, I assume (hope) that these two options can happen in