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An issue regarding primitives!

Hello All,

while going through the draft, couple of questions raised
in my mind which I would like to discuss with you all.

General Primitive Syntax
 The general syntax of the primitives described in draft for ES and CS
 contain a source ID and an Information/Result set.

 => What I miss here is destination ID (there are couple of advantages
    with this, will explain in next point).

 If you check the MIH-Poll, which is listed as MIH Command, then the
 primitive described for it is having a source and destination ID.
 This is in discrepancy with the general primitive syntax for command

Couple of advantages in having both the IDs
 * Having both the IDs (source & destination) in a primitive will reduce
   the overhead of defining a same event/command once as local and
   once as remote. I think, this is also pointed by couple of us.

 * That is, all the events going from L2 to MIH and from MIH to HL are
   treated as local events. And at the same time, all the commands going
   from HL to MIH and MIH to L2 are treated as local commands.

 * MIHF decides on receiving the events/commands from other layers,
   depending on the destination ID, to treat them either as local
   or remote events/commands. It then forwards them to local receiver
   or to remote MIHF with the help of external transport protocol.

   NOTE: The remote events/commands are exchanged ONLY between the
         MIHF peers and not between the other layers.

I would like to know your opinions.

with best regards,

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