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Re: [802.21] How to get LINK BW/SPEED

Hi Qiaobing - After talking with related engineers, I've sensed
Windows NDIS can provide these information. But, it is not acceptable
to at least Linux OS, and probably others OS architecture. It is of
course implementation issue, however we should consider this aspect
along with MIH primitives for further 802.21-adoptation...


Daniel (Soohong Daniel Park)
Mobile Convergence Laboratory, SAMSUNG Electronics.

On 4/7/06, Qiaobing Xie <> wrote:
> Hi, Daniel,
> You bring up a very good point here. I think we need to put more details
> in the syntax of those MIH primitives so that accurate link specific
> information can be requested and returned.
> regards,
> -Qiaobing
> Soohong Daniel Park wrote:
> > Within our spec. there are several parameters/premitives
> > to get LINK specific information such as Available BW,
> > SPEED, BER, etc... I am wondering how to get these
> > information on the local stack. Is it from MAC/PHY of
> > each standard (I.g., Supported Rate of 802.11) ? or
> > do we need any extension or modification along with
> > 21 premitives ? I need to get accurate and dynamic
> > LINK information when in motion...It seems a bit
> > implementation issues though...
> >
> > Thanks in advance.
> >
> > Daniel (Soohong Daniel Park)
> > Mobile Convergence Laboratory, SAMSUNG Electronics.
> >