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RE: Letter Ballot #1 Voting Reminder

Sent: Monday, April 24, 2006 8:27 AM
To: Gupta, Vivek G;
Subject: RE: Letter Ballot #1 Voting Reminder


Hi all,

I have two question on the balloting instructions


4.1.1 50% return rate

i guess the 75% figure in this section should read 50%? or i misunderstood something

[Vivek G Gupta] You are right.

In fact I just noticed some other 75% figures as well that should be changed to 50% (in 4.1.2 and 4.1.4)

Shall post an updated document later today.


4.1.2 75% approval rate

[Vivek G Gupta] should actually be 50%


What if 90% of the voting members vote "Abstain?

[Vivek G Gupta]

You mean 90% of the WG members (who attend the WG regularly and have voting rights because of regular attendance)  vote Abstain due to lack of Technical Expertise…


Would the rule be still applied over the 10% that have voted "approved" or "disapproved"? 

 Because 75% of the "approve" vote on 10% of voters expresssing something else than "abstain" will not be sufficient to my eyes to determine that the ballot has passed

[Vivek G Gupta]

Yes, the rule would still be applied over the 10% that voted Approve or Disapprove.

This is an unusual situation (IMO unlikely to occur in 802.21) but that’s how the rule would apply.


Best Regards





De : [] De la part de Gupta, Vivek G
Envoyé : mardi 11 avril 2006 12:34
À :
Objet : Letter Ballot #1 Voting Reminder

Hello Folks,


802.21 Letter Ballot #1 closes APRIL 30, 2006 AOE.

This letter ballot is to forward the current 802.21 Draft D1.0 to Sponsor Ballot.

All present IEEE 802.21 Voters are required to vote on this draft.

Please refer to the LB #1 Instructions and Voter list document on 802.21 website for more information.


Voters voting Disapprove are required to submit at least one (Technical, Binding) type comment.

Voters voting Disapprove (as well as those voting Approve) may also submit other additional comments with other

Comment Type such as (Technical, Non-binding or Editorial).


All submitted comments would then be up for resolution as part of the comment Resolution process.


Best Regards