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FW: [802SEC] IMT-Advanced news from Radiocommunication Assembly

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Sent: Monday, October 22, 2007 8:05 AM
Subject: [802SEC] IMT-Advanced news from Radiocommunication Assembly

Dear EC Colleagues,

During its meeting of 15-19 October, the ITU's Radiocommunication  
Assembly (RA) made several decisions relevant to the development of  
IMT-Advanced. I thought that a summary of these results may be of  
value to some EC members. Here is a list of issues that, in my  
observation, may be of particular interest:

(1) The RA adopted two new resolutions related to IMT-Advanced:

*Resolution ITU-R 56 ["Naming for International Mobile  
*Resolution ITU-R 57 ["Principles for the process of development of  

(2) The RA modified three resolutions related to IMT:

*Resolution ITU-R 17-3 ["Integration of International Mobile  
Telecommunications (IMT-2000 and IMT-Advanced) with existing networks"]
*Resolution ITU-R 47-1 ["Future submission of satellite radio  
transmission technologies for IMT-2000"]
*Resolution ITU-R 50-1 ["Role of the Radiocommunication Sector in the  
ongoing development of IMT"]

(3) The RA reorganized the ITU-R Study Group activities. IMT had  
previously been led by Working Party 8F under Study Group 8 ("Mobile,  
radiodetermination, amateur and related satellite services").  
However, SG8 will no longer be a distinct entity, as most of the  
scope of SG8 and SG9 ("Fixed service") has been, in effect, merged  
into a new Study Group 5. According to Resolution ITU-R 4-5, the new  
group is described as follows:

Scope: Systems and networks for fixed, mobile, radiodetermination,  
amateur and amateur-satellite services.

Chairman: Dr A. HASHIMOTO (Japan)
   Mr T.K.A. ALEGE (Nigeria)
   Dr A. CHANDRA (India)
   Dr J. COSTA (Canada)
   Mr T. EWERS (Germany)
   Mr C.T. GLASS (United States)
   Dr A. JAMIESON (New Zealand)
   Mr A.I. KLYUCHAREV (Russian Federation)
   Ms L. SOUSSI (Tunisia)
   Mr L. SUN (China)
   Dr K.-J. WEE (Korea (Rep. of))

Resolution ITU-R 5-5 details the "Work programme and Questions of  
Radiocommunication Study Groups."

(4) The details of how Study Group 5 will organize its work into  
Working Parties are not yet decided. However, Resolution ITU-R 1-5  
was modified to provide the following general text on the topic: "To  
limit the resource impact on the Radiocommunication Bureau, Member  
States, Sector Members and Associates, a Study Group shall establish  
by consensus and maintain only the minimum number of Working Parties,  
normally three or four Working Parties."

(5) Resolution ITU-R 9-3 ("Liaison and collaboration with other  
relevant organizations, in particular ISO and IEC") is of general  
interest to collaborating organizations.

All of these resolutions can be found in the Book of ITU-R Resolutions:

I hope you find this report useful.


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