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RE: Outcome from 802 EC meeting

Hello Juan Carlos and others,


Both of the 802.21 PARs on Emergency Services and MRPM were not approved in the Mach EC Closing meeting.


·         Emergency Services

There were issues with the Scope statement. Some members of the EC were just not satisfied with the overall wording of this PAR.

It was pretty clear that this was not gonna go through and based on recommendation of an EC member I felt it more appropriate to withdraw this PAR.


·         MRPM PAR

The 802.11 members have had issues against this PAR as can be seen by several postings on 802.11 reflector.

They have concerns against the broad market applicability and commercial viability of this project.

It was pretty clear that this was also not gonna go through and hence I withdrew this PAR from EC consideration as well.


Best Regards



From: Zuniga, Juan Carlos []
Sent: Saturday, March 14, 2009 9:46 AM
To: Gupta, Vivek G
Subject: Outcome from 802 EC meeting


Hi Vivek,


Could you please let us know what was the outcome of the 802 EC meeting regarding the 802.21 motions?




Juan Carlos