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stds-802-handoff: 802 Handoff ECSG, Agenda and Submissions.

I'm in the process of putting together an agenda, so I would like to
have a better idea of who would like to present to the handoff group. I
have a couple of presentations in hand, but I know more people are
either working on them or they are passing them through internal review
processes (including one of mine).

So if you think you are likely to present to the group, could you drop
me an email, detailing the topic and some idea of how long it might
require. Guesses and approximations are perfectly OK.

Also, if you have any agenda requests, please let me know so I can try
to accomdate them.

Many Thanks,

David Johnston
Intel Corporation
Chair, IEEE 802 Handoff ECSG

Email : dj.johnston@intel.com
Tel   : 503 380 5578 (Mobile)
Tel   : 503 264 3855 (Office)