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stds-802-handoff: Update on Dallas Registration and Hotel Bookings

Just as a reminder, pre web registration closes this Friday at 11:59 pm
Pacific Time. The link to register is
http://www.facetoface-events.com/802wireless.html. So if you have not
registered yet, save yourself $100 and register before the deadline,
May 9!
	Also, the Hyatt Regency DFW is sold out on Thursday, May 15 and
Friday, May
16. They are taking a wait list, so if you have not made your
yet, please call the hotel directly at 972-453-1234. For now we have not
made arrangements for an overflow property, however we would suggest the
Harvey hotel or the Embassy Suites Outdoor World as excellent
	There have been some enquires regarding rental car contact
Please note that we have made arrangements with Avis for the IEEE 802
Wireless Interim Meeting. The rates range from Compact size car at
daily or $154.99 for the week, Full Size car at $45.99 daily or $189.99
the week, to Luxury, Sport Utility or Mini Van at $77.99 daily or
for the week. If you are interested in renting a car with Avis, please
contact them at 1800-331-1600 with the AWD number A606094.

See you in Dallas!

David Johnston
Intel Corporation
Chair, IEEE 802 Handoff ECSG

Email : dj.johnston@intel.com
Tel   : 503 380 5578 (Mobile)
Tel   : 503 264 3855 (Office)