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stds-802-handoff: 802 Handoff ECSG Meeting Times

Handoff Participants,

Scheduling for the 802 handoff ECSG in July has been subject to
substantially more constraints and timing conflicts than the prior
interim. There are a greater number of opening and closing plenaries to
avoid, tutorials with mandatory (for me anyway) attendance, ethernet
retrospectives of general interest and SEC meetings. As a result, the
sessions will not be in the evening as with the previous meeting.

The times are provisionally 10.30am - 12.00 noon, Tuesday, Wednesday and

The room allocations are subject to and likely to change, so I will
announce those by Monday and on the noticeboards.

See you in SFO.


David Johnston
Intel Corporation
Chair, IEEE 802 Handoff ECSG

Email : dj.johnston@intel.com
Tel   : 503 380 5578 (Mobile)
Tel   : 503 264 3855 (Office)