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Session #1 of IEEE 802.21

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Time is approaching for the March IEEE 802 Plenary meeting. Since we have received IEEE SA approval we are now IEEE 802.21 and so the session number has reverted to 1. The title of the web page has been adjusted accordingly.
I have been at the IETF this week and I have received good input from the mobopts (IP Mobility Optimizations) and the dna (Detection of Network Attachments) groups concerning requirements for 802.21. I will be presenting material based on that.
In addition I have seen early versions of .21 submissions on architectural issues to support detection and triggers.
In keeping with the decision at the last meeting that we would concentrate on architecture, use cases, requirements etc. I would like to request that people attempt to slant their contributions in those directions.
The other important activity we will be engaging in is the officer elections for Chair and Vice Chair. I will be posting the rules on the web site shortly. Please review them and comment if you have issues with the procedures. The elections will be held at the closing 802.21 plenary on Thursday afternoon. Attendance at 4 802.21 meetings in the week in addition to attendance at the closing plenary will be required to achieve voting rights to participate in the elections, in accordance with the LMSC rules.