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Re: 802.21 Documents uploads

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DJ: I am not sure I understand the purpose of "Robert's Rules" in your document: "802.21_session_Opening_Notes_r1".  I have attended many standards meetings, but I have not heard of these rules. Where do these rules come from?  Why do you think these rules are necessary specially we are still at the beginning of our WG?   Are these rules consistent with IEEE 802 rules?  If you restrict the right of a person for speaking, that does not the issue simply goes away.  The unresolved issues will simply keep coming back.
Dong-Jye Shyy
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Subject: 802.21 Documents uploads

Some new submissions have been uploaded to the http://www.ieee802.org/handoff web server.
In addition to the submissions and the usual meeting notes, I have uploaded a procedure for the impending officer elections. Please review these and respond to this reflector if you have concerns or suggestions.