IEEE 802.22 Charter
The IEEE 802.22, the Working Group on Wireless Regional Area Networks ("WRANs"), is developing a wide variety of standards to enable spectrum sharing.

The authorized projects include, 802.22, 802.22.1, 802.22.2, 802.22a, 802.22b, 802.22.3, which can be viewed by clicking on their respective links.

On-going Projects
  • Spectrum Characterization and Occupancy Sensing Task Group Launched
  • Revision Project to broaden the scope of IEEE Std. 802.22-2011 beyond the TV band white spaces to other spectrum sharing bands and applications authorized. Work on this standard will begin in Q4 of 2014.
  • IEEE P802.22.1 Advanced Beaconing Revision is on going
Completed Projects
Get IEEE 802.22 Completed Standards Here
  • IEEE P802.22a (Amendment to the IEEE Std-802.22-2011(TM): Management and Control Plane Interfaces and Procedures and enhancement to the Management Information Base (MIB)) Draft v1.0 is available: Download Here
  • IEEE P802.22b (Amendment to the IEEE Std-802.22-2011(TM): Enhancements for Broadband Services and Monitoring Applications). Download Here
  • IEEE 802.22-2011(TM) Standard for Cognitive Wireless Regional Area Networks (RAN) for Operation in TV Bands was Published as an Official IEEE Standard on July 1st 2011. Download Here
  • IEEE 802.22.1-2010(TM) Standard for the Enhanced Interference Protection of the Licensed Devices was Published as an Official IEEE Standard on November 1st 2010. Download Here
  • IEEE 802.22.2-2012(TM) Standard for Recommended Practice for Installation and Deployment of IEEE 802.22 Systems was Published as an Official IEEE Standard on September 28th 2012. Download Here
Contact Information
Working Group Chair, Dr. Apurva N. Mody,, +1-404-819-0314