802.22 Policies and Procedures

802.22 Working Group Policies and Procedures can be found here

Working Group Documents Access

"Meeting documents" are accessible from a link on the linkbar at the left for download. Contributors of documents can request document numbers, upload documents, upload revisions, etc. after completing a simple request to be approved for upload access. (You MUST have an IEEE web id for access to these functions.)

The "Members Only" directory, with password protection, is hosted on this website's server under the "Members Only Documents" tab in the link bar. Voting members and "nearly voters" (those who have met the attendance requirements and will become voters can request the password from the WG Chair via direct e-mail if you don't already have it or have forgotten it. Please read and observe the restrictions on re-posting or redistribution of the documents from the "Members Only" area.

PLEASE NOTE that you must have attended at least one face to face meeting of the WG with 75% attendance credit to be subscribed to the WG e-mail reflectors.

Please use a "work" e-mail address if possible.If for some reason you use one of the "free" e-mail accounts to access the reflector(s), after you make your subscription request via the listserv user interface, please send an e-mail directly to the Chair, identifying yourself (name, affiliation, and the e-mail address used)

Attendance System
We are using the electronic attendance system at our face to face meetings. The attendance system requires an IEEE web id. Information on getting an IEEE web id and using the attendance system is available here.
How to self-subscribe to the IEEE 802.22 WG e-mail reflector

To self-subscribe to the IEEE 802.22 WG email reflector, please go to http://listserv.ieee.org/cgi-bin/wa and select "subscriber's corner," then on the left, under "List Table Options" (where the default is probably "Subscribed Lists") select "All Lists" and click "Submit".

Then scroll down on the new page that displays until you see stds-802-22, check the check box next to it, then scroll down to the bottom where there's a blue line that says "invert". To the right is a selection box with "subscribe" and "unsubscribe" options. Select "subscribe", uncheck "do not send e-mail notification" and then click "submit changes".

You should receive a "confirmation request" message from listserv, which is intended to verify your e-mail address and that it's really you trying to subscribe, not someone using a forged e-mail address. Follow the instructions in that confirmation message and then the WG Chair will receive an approval request, which the WG Chair will process.

Then you should get a "welcome to" e-mail with some instructions on how to use the list. It is highly recommended that you save this message for future reference.