IEEE 802.24 Vertical Applications TAG

IEEE 802.24 Vertical Applications TAG Scope

The IEEE 802.24 Vertical Applications Technical Advisory Group (TAG) focuses on application categories that use IEEE 802 technology and are of interest to multiple IEEE 802 WGs and have been assigned to IEEE 802.24 by the IEEE Executive Committee.

For those application categories, IEEE 802.24:

NOTE: The IEEE 802 technologies are applied to support the vertical applications. IEEE 802.24 determines what makes the horizontal technologies supportive of the applications. IEEE 802.24 also determines what enhancements to the horizontal technologies would improve their ability to support the applications.

Examples of potential vertical application categories are: Smart Grid, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Smart Homes, Smart Cities, eHealth

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802.24.1 Smart Grid TG                   

Call For Comments: 2018-09-14 through 2018-11-08
Draft White Paper:  "Utility Applications of Time Sensitive Networking White Paper (D1)"

The 802.24 TAG and 802.1 TSN TG solicit comments on 802.24-18-0011-00-sgtg

Participation is open to all and is encouraged. The 802.24 TAG and 802.1 TSN TG will address every comment but does not guarantee to accept every comment nor to provide an explicit response. Feel free to notify the TAG Chair of your contact information if you would like to have further discussions of your comment or of the topic in general
Submit comments using the comment submittal spreadsheet..
Your comment may reference external documents by URL. Preferably, upload external documents as contributions using the 802.24 document repository.
    To contribute a new document, log in using an IEEE-SA password.
    You may also require external authorization. If you have difficulties, contact the TAG Chair.

Current Activities

Liaison with IEEE PSCC TF S6 - Text Contributions and comments on TF S6 Report ""Standards for integrating Home Automation IoT to Power Utilities Communication Systems“
" .  (TF Report in Private Area)

Utility Applications of IEEE 802 Time Senstive Networking (TSN) White Paper   (Draft D1 for Comment ) September  2018

Outside documents and organizations

802.24.2 IoT TG

Current Activities

IoT White Paper (working draft)  July 2017

Outside documents and organizations

Getting involved in IEEE 802.24

The IEEE 802.24 Vertical Applications TAG meets during IEEE 802 Plenary sessions. The 802.24.1 Smart Grid TG also meets at Wireless Interim sessions. In addition, conference calls may be announced, as covered under the rules for IEEE 802 TAGs, as defined in the IEEE Project 802 LMSC Operations Manual.

Templates for IEEE 802.24 Submissions

Please use the following templates when submitting documents to 802.24:

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