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Re: [802.3_100GCU] IEEE 802.3bj approved!


My congratulations to you and the rest of the IEEE P802.3bj Task Force.  Looking back, all can realize the challenges this Task Force faced – from the development of the consensus to move forward to the challenges of the hard work of everyone, including your guidance of the Task Force through the difficulty in developing and completing the specification. 


I have always said that we have the greatest engineers in our group, and I have the utmost faith in them to accomplish whatever task they agree to.  This project is just another vindication of that faith!


Thanks to you and everyone who made it happen!



From: Adam Healey [mailto:adam.healey@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Thursday, June 12, 2014 5:41 PM
To: STDS-802-3-100GCU@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [802.3_100GCU] IEEE 802.3bj approved!


Task Force participants,


It is my pleasure to inform you that, per the action of IEEE-SA Standards Board today, our draft is now an approved IEEE standard.


I offer my thanks to all of you for the time, effort, and expertise you have all contributed to this project.


In particular, I thank John D'Ambrosia for leading this effort from Study Group to Working Group ballot. I thank Matt Brown and the rest of the editorial team for considerable time and effort they invested to produce this amendment. I also thank David Law, Steve Carlson, and Wael Diab for the support and counsel that they offered during the course of the project.


With the approval of the standard, the work of the IEEE P802.3bj Task Force is complete.


Best regards, 


Adam Healey

Chair, IEEE P802.3bj 100 Gb/s Backplane and Copper Cable Task Force