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[802.3_40GSMF] 802.3bg Additional February Interim meeting announcement

Title: 802.3bg Additional February Interim meeting announcement
Dear Task Force members,

This email is to announce a special interim meeting of the 802.3bg Task Force on Tuesday, February 8th, 2011 in Ottawa, Canada.  

The purpose of this meeting will be to respond to any comments received on the recirculation sponsor ballot which will be initiated after the January 11th interim meeting.  This email is being sent now to provide the necessary 30 day notice on meeting announcements.

At this point it is anticipated that this meeting will be cancelled due to lack of received comments.  This assumption is based on the low number of comments received during the just completed sponsor ballot and the, therefore, reduced scope of the recirculation ballot.  However, if any comments are received, this additional interim meeting will be necessary to address the comments ahead of the March plenary where it is anticipated that the 802.3WG will re-affirm it’s submittal to RevCom of the 802.3bg document for final approval.

As with all task force meetings, you need to be present to vote.  However, for this meeting a teleconference bridge will be set up to allow task force members to participate in the discussion if they are unable to attend.

Mark Nowell
Chair, IEEE P802.3bg Task Force