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[802.3_40GSMF] D3.1 recirculation ballot closed. No comments. Feb interim meeting cancelled.

Title: D3.1 recirculation ballot closed. No comments.  Feb interim meeting cancelled.
Dear 802.3bg Task Force,

The Sponsor recirculation ballot of P802.3bg D3.1 closed with no new comments!  This means that the draft has now completed it’s review cycles and only has some final hurdles to pass through before completion and becoming a standard.

Congratulations to the task force on their excellent work in helping make this process go as smoothly as it did.  Special mention and thanks must be given to Pete Anslow for his fantastic job as editor for this project!

The final stats for the recirculation ballot were:

Consequently, I am cancelling the planned 802.3bg interim meeting scheduled for Feb 8th as we have no comments to deal with.

The next step for the 802.3bg project is at the Singapore plenary meeting where we need to present the ballot results to the 802.3WG and reaffirm our earlier request to stay on the agenda for the upcoming Nescom meeting at the end of March.

Congratulations again to all,

Mark Nowell
Chair, IEEE P802.3bg Task Force