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[802.3_4PPOE] Out of scope comments against D3.1

All, two new files have been posted to the comment website. They have names like: 802d3bt_D3p1_Responses_OOS_SORTMETHOD.pdf. The OOS notation is used to signal that a comment is Out Of Scope. I scrubbed through the comments to determine scope and found 165 comments out of scope – over one third of the comments deemed out of scope.


Now, being out of scope doesn’t automatically mean we don’t have to consider the comment. If the comment brings up a true technical issue, our job here is to generate a technically correct document. We will consider those comments. If the comment is a simple editorial (missing comma, extra period, etc.) we should resolve those comments. If the comment is ‘I don’t like this, this goes better if moved here, etc.’ then we have every reason to reject those comments for scope. The time for those changes was 3.0 and that time has passed.


I know some of you may have already started your review. I apologize that we neglected to add OOS to the files posted yesterday. If you are concerned about scope, the files are posted for your convenience, please grab them for your review.


If you review a comment that I have deemed out of scope and you disagree, please send me an email with the comment number and the reason you think it is not out of scope. If you are right (and I am wrong, it’s been known to happen), we can remove the OOS tag.




The standard procedure still stands. All of the proposed responses are considered the final response, regardless of scope. If an OOS comment does not get pulled into the TFTD bucket, OOS will get removed and the comment will be resolved with the proposed response. It is well within your right to pull a comment into the TFTD bucket with the reason ‘this comment is out of scope, the change is purely editorial and results in no benefit to the spec’. It is not acceptable to say ‘TFTD, this comment is out of scope’. I’ve already stated, we simply can’t reject a comment for scope, it has to be scope and a logical reason why the change is not needed.



Have fun with your review. TFTD pulls are requested by Thursday 11/2, 11:59PM AOE.



Chad Jones

Tech Lead, Cisco Systems

Chair, IEEE P802.3bt 4PPoE Task Force

Principal, NFPA 70 CMP3