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Re: [802.3_4PPOE] yseboodt_01_0118 (Autoclass time reference)

Hi Yair,

Thanks for reviewing!

1. Yes, for the PSE the reference time moves the essentially the beginning of inrush.
The voltage will ramp up quickly, at some point hit the PD turn on voltage, then either, the voltage will continue to climb (PD uses own inrush control), or it goes down again and ramps up a second time (PD uses PSE inrush limiter).
The reference is the first time the voltage hits 30V.

2. Fixed.

3. The condition !(alt_pwrd_pri + alt_pwrd_sec) is TRUE until the PSE enters the POWER_UP state, at that moment,
alt_pwrd_pri, alt_pwrd_sec, or both become TRUE, which would make that global entry arc FALSE.
If the PD requested Autoclass, then pd_autoclass=TRUE, which causes the transition to WAIT_ACS and there the PSE autoclass timers are started.

Kind regards,


On Thu, 2018-01-04 at 17:43 +0000, Yair Darshan wrote:

Hi Lennart,

See my comments inside the pdf attached. Brief summary is shown below.

  1. Regarding Vpse or Vpd crossing 30V: Do you mean the 1st time Vpse or Vpd crosses 30V? (In some compliant PDs The voltage gets to 30V and then drops quickly to zero and then ramp smoothly to steady state)
  2. Typo in the input logic condition to IDLE_ACS
  3. Not clear how by erasing the logic of the exit from IDLE_ACS to WAIT_ACS it will work without ensuring that we are for sure after by inrush.



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Happy new year to all,


Attached baseline yseboodt_01 which changes the Autoclass measurement time / power draw time to the same moment for both the PSE and the PD.


Kind regards,



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