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[802.3_50G] 50G/NGOATH May Interim meeting announcement and call for presentations

Dear Colleagues, 

This is a meeting announcement for the
 50 Gb/s Ethernet Over a Single Lane and Next Generation 100 Gb/s  and 200 Gb/s Ethernet Project.  At the time of this message, we are still a Study Group officially but the expectation is that we will receive SASB approval and this will then be the first meeting of the IEEE 802.3cd Task Force (with the easy 50G/NGOATH acronym). The meetings will be held during the  802.3 Interim meeting week in Whistler, BC (May 23-27th).

Meeting details may be found at 

The 50G/NGOATH project will be meeting on Monday, Tuesday and the morning of Wednesday of that week.  

The focus of the meeting will be to work towards reviewing and potentially starting to adopt baseline proposals based on the objectives that have been adopted.  Additionally, there has been interest raised in considering adopting some new objectives and this may be another focus of the meeting.  Contributions are expected to be focused on those areas.  I would strongly encourage that any proposal for new objectives be brought forward in this meeting to provide the group as much time to consider as possible.  

For reference, our adopted objectives are here: 

Requests for presentation time shall be made to me at mnowell@xxxxxxxxx  and must be made by Friday, May 14th, 2016.  The presenter shall e-mail a PDF, soft-copy  by Tuesday of the following week  (Tues May 17th, 2016).  

And just to clarify, the 200 Gb/s SMF Study Group work will be handled by the IEEE 802.3bs Task Force 

I look forward to seeing everyone in Whistler!


Mark Nowell

50G/NGOATH and 200G SMF Study Group Chair but hopefully soon to be IEEE 802.3cd Task Force Chair