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[802.3_50G] nicholl_3cd_01_0516 PCS & FEC baseline proposal - [802.3_50G] 50G/NGOATH May Interim meeting

Dear all,

Attached is a presentation with a PCS and FEC baseline propsoal for the 50GbE and NG 100GbE.

This proposal is based on the presentations I have given at the recent ad-hoc conf calls, and incorporates a lot of the feedback I received during the calls and also afterwards via email. 

Please send me an email with your name and affiliation if you wish to be listed as a supporter.

In order to put a stake in the ground the current proposal assumes  a  50G/lane FEC architecture. The  presentation recognizes that additional input is required to determine a final consensus position on the details of the FEC distribution and assoicated FEC performance.  However, I don't believe this changes the core of the proposal. 

Depending on the level of support for this proposal and the discussions at Whistler, I may make a motion along the lines of:

Move to:
Adopt nicholl_3cd_01_0516 as the baseline proposal for the 50GbE and 100GbE PCS/FEC architecture, with the exception of leaving the FEC lane count as TBD.



Attachment: nicholl_3cd_01_0516.pptx
Description: nicholl_3cd_01_0516.pptx