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Re: [802.3_DMLT] IEEE P802.3br draft for pre-recirculation review

Resending one attachement at a time because 3 attachements got rejected for to large a message size

On Wed, Mar 30, 2016 at 4:22 PM, Pat Thaler <pat.thaler@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Attached are draft updated with the comment responses (both clean and change marked versions). I've used 3.05 as the version for these drafts. The draft will be 3.1 for the recirc. Also, an updated copy of the comment database is attached. 

Please review them and let me know if you see any issues. 

Please pay attention to because I had to draft the text to cover the new containment diagram.

In the compare draft, 3 of the state machines have old and new versions but the changes were very small:
In  Receive Processing, deleting the setting of resumeRx <= FALSE in IDLE_RX_PROC because the variable isn't used.
In Express Filter, changing pRx_DV to eRx_DV in RCV_V and RCV_R and rerouting the !RxDV exit from RCV_V so it doesn't cross another transition.
In Verify and Respond, repositioning things so there is a distinct right and left state diagram rather than having them overlap and so that rcv_r is closer to the transition from WAIT_FOR_RESPONSE.

Should I put in an editor's note to indicate what the changes were? There is a bit of a risk there if I miss putting something in the note that changed in the diagrams.Or that someone will just object to having the note and I don't want to risk having to do a recirc just for that. 

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